It’s admittedly been a while between drinks. But Friday Feed is back for 2019 with a weekly dose of the latest food and farming research, news and feelgood features from Australia and around the globe.

This week: National Regenerative Agriculture Day launches in Australia, why we need to build awareness of native and indigenous Australian food, new study finds that just four crops are dominating farms globally and how does the EAT-Lancet diet pan out in practice?


The Big Dry: Feeding the Future – National Regenerative Agriculture Day
Illawarra Mercury
A nationwide challenge has begun to spend Valentine’s Day sending love to farmers with a regenerative twist. It’s called National Regenerative Agriculture Day and it’s hijacking February 14.

Shark Bay: A World Heritage Site at Catastrophic Risk
The Conversation
Everyone knows the Great Barrier Reef is in peril. But a continent away, Western Australia’s Shark Bay is also threatened by marine heatwaves that could alter this World Heritage ecosystem forever.

Cream of the Crop: Innovation and Resilience a Key Crop in the Future Generation of Farmers
ABC Rural
If adaptation is the key to evolution, our next generation of farmers could be up to the challenge. These four young regional famers are already tackling some big challenges through innovation and adaptation.

Aboriginal Foodways: Towards a Return of Native Food in Australia
Sustainable Food Trust
In Australia, as a ‘foodie’, cosmopolitan and multicultural society that wholeheartedly embraces ethnic cuisines from around the world, Australians remain surprisingly unaware about what is native and indigenous Australian food.


Why Are Insects in Decline, and Can We Do Anything About It?
The Guardian
Answers to key questions about the global insect collapse.

Italian Farmers Destroy Milk in Protest Over Falling Prices
Farmers and shepherds on the Italian island of Sardinia have been pouring their milk away, saying they would rather destroy it than sell it for next to nothing.

A Very Small Number of Crops Are Dominating Globally: That’s Bad News for Sustainable Agriculture
Science Daily
A new study finds that globally we are growing more of the same kinds of crops, and this presents major challenges for agricultural sustainability on a global scale.

To Fight Deforestation First Tackle Inequality, Study Says
The world is losing its tropical forests at an alarming rate, despite increased efforts to save them. A recent study now shows that the best way to tackle deforestation, at least in Latin America, is to reduce inequality.

Eat-Lancet Says You Can Save the Planet on Its Diet. I Tried It for a Week
The New Food Economy

We know the broad strokes: Less meat, more beans. But true sustainability also means considering the practical realities of eating.


Photo courtesy of Future Feeders

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