This week: New migrant visa deal for food and farm jobs in Victoria, Costco’s 100 million chicken experiment, Cadbury dairy milk bars may become a thing of the past and the latest country rankings in the 2018 Food Sustainability Index.


New Migrant Visa Deal for Food, Farm Jobs a Pathway to Permanent Residency
ABC News
Victoria’s south-west is the first region outside the Northern Territory to receive the five-year Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) to ease a workforce shortage, particularly in food processing, agriculture and hospitality.

Algae Entrepreneurs: Today’s Science Students, Tomorrow’s Food Security Experts
Sydney Morning Herald
You don’t need to own land or have a farming background to get into food. Sustainable agriculture and food security are so much bigger than that – and so small it includes microalgae.

The Suburbs Are the Spiritual Home of Overconsumption. but They Also Hold the Key to a Better Future
The Conversation
The average consumerist suburban lifestyle is unsustainable. But what if affluent suburbanites and battlers alike ditch the rat race and embrace economic ‘degrowth’? Here’s how it might unfold.

Opinion: Five Things You Need to Know About Drought
Queensland Country Life
While the outpouring of support for farmers has been largely welcome, most farmers would trade the kindness in a heartbeat for a better understanding of what they do, year in, year out.


Costco’s 100 Million Chickens Will Change the Face of Nebraska
Civil Eats
The state has paved the way for Costco’s experiment in extreme vertical integration for years. But farmers and activists brought together in opposition envision another way forward.

EU Launches Knowledge Centre for Global Food and Nutrition Security
European Commission
Led by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, the new platform will serve as a reference point for scientific data and publicly-accessible briefings, interactive maps, databases and reports aimed at identifying priority areas for EC action.

Cadbury’s Stark Warning: Radical Action Needed to Keep the Chocolate Flowing
Cadbury has warned Dairy Milk bars could become a thing of the past if radical action isn’t taken soon.

Palm Oil Is Unavoidable. Can It Be Sustainable?
National Geographic
Our appetite for the oil hurts the environment and wildlife. But Gabon hopes to show how to build an industry while protecting its forests.

Report: 2018 Food Sustainability Index
Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition
The Food Sustainability Index ranks 67 countries on food system sustainability. It is a quantitative and qualitative benchmarking model that measures the sustainability of food systems across three categories: Food Loss and Waste, Sustainable Agriculture and Nutritional Challenges.

Photo courtesy of Future Feeders

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