This week: More than $1m in lost wages recovered for farmworkers in Australia, fracking threatens Aboriginal land rights, the health benefits of Vietnam’s gấc fruit and is it time to rethink farm-to-table and farmers market ethos?


More Than $1m in Lost Wages Recovered for 2,500 Fruit Farm Workers
The Guardian
The Fair Work ombudsman’s Harvest Trail inquiry has completed 836 investigations in the past five years, involving 444 growers and 194 labour-hire contractors. More than $1m in lost wages have been recovered for 2,500 horticultural workers.

Tasmanian Meatworks and Abattoir Jobs on the Wane as Livestock Sails to Victoria for Slaughter
ABC Rural
Tasmania’s farmers have raised questions about the sustainability of the red meat industry as hundreds of thousands of their sheep are sent to Victoria for slaughter.

Fracking Threatens Aboriginal Land Rights in Western Australia
The case illustrates the limitations of Aboriginal land rights under Australian law, which recognizes groups’ connection to their ancestral lands but does not grant them legal ownership or the ability to veto development.

A Cautionary Tale of Two Supermarkets
Sustainable Food Trust
A frank discussion needs to be had among Australian supermarkets, their customers and policymakers about the true cost of food as an essential prerequisite for making their operations more sustainable and ethical.


US Water Security Falls Short
The Hill
Given how valuable it has been to be able to measure household food insecurity, it is stunning that we can’t do the same for water. It seems that inadequate access to water of acceptable quality and quantity is likely an enormous issue in the United States.

Cancer Killer: Uncovering the Health Benefits of Vietnam’s Gấc Fruit
Mirage News
RMIT researcher Dr Tien Huynh has travelled across south-east Asia to learn about the exceptional health benefits of the Vietnamese gac fruit and its ability to destroy cancer cells.

The Battle for the Future of Farming: What You Need to Know
The Conversation

Most concede that there is an urgent need to radically transform our food systems. But the proposed innovations for more sustainable food systems are drastically different.

A Sharing Economy for Plants: Seed Libraries Are Sprouting Up
The Conversation
For centuries, people in agrarian societies shared seeds to help each other subsist from year to year. Today, thanks to intellectual property rights and often well-intentioned laws, our ability to share seeds is restricted.

It’s Time to Rethink Farm-to-Table, and the Future of ‘Good’ Food
In an excerpt from her new book ‘A Matter of Taste’ Toronto journalist Rebecca Tucker evaluates the future of being a moral eater.

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