This week: ⅕ Australian honey samples prove fake, France adopts a “field-to-fork” law, Brazil protects 13,000 square kms from destructive bottom trawling and global indigenous peoples make their voices heard at the Global Climate Action Summit.


Almost One in Five Australian Honey Samples Found to Be Fake
ABC News
Almost one in five Australian honey samples, including some expensive boutique honey, are fake, according to a ground-breaking study that tested samples of local and international branded honey.

Backpackers Share Australian Farm Horror Stories
ABC News
In order to stay a second year in Australia, backpackers need to do 88 days of work either on a farm, in construction or in mining. Some have horror stories to tell.

Small Farm Success Is Hard Yakka for Beginners, but It Has Its Own Rewards
Newcastle Herald
Anna Featherstone and her husband Andrew Campbell have published two books, Honey Farm Dreaming, a very personal memoir of anecdotes and observations, and Small Farm Success Australia, a combination business and lifestyle guide, that reflect on their decade-plus experience as small farmers.

Event: Women in Environmental Activism: Conversations and Networking, Canberra
Join Women’s Environmental Leadership Australia – WELA and guest speakers Julie Armstrong and Phoebe Howe for a night of insights into their experience of being a woman in the environmental activism sphere.


France Adopts Food Bill, Retailer Says Will Lead to Price Rise
France’s parliament gave final approval this week to a “field-to-fork” law aimed at raising farmers’ income, improving food quality and fighting waste, but opponents say it will push up consumer prices and only benefit retailers.

Victory in Brazil Protects 13,000 Square Kilometers from Destructive Bottom Trawling
The state of Rio Grande do Sul has passed a law to ban bottom trawling in state waters. These new protections extend along the entire length of the state’s 620-kilometre coast and cover a distance out to 12 nautical miles (22.2 km) from shore.

Cleaning up Toxic Soils in China: A Trillion-Dollar Question
International Institute for Sustainable Development
China has enacted a Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Law outlining preventative measures government authorities and land users should take to protect soil from future pollution.

‘We’ve Bred Them to Their Limit’: Death Rates Surge for Female Pigs in the US
The Guardian

With sows producing 23 piglets a year on average, intensive farming is called into question over the rise in animals suffering prolapse.

‘Guardians of the Forest:’ Indigenous Peoples Come Together to Assert Role in Climate Stability
A half mile from the din of the Global Climate Action Summit and its 4,000 attendees in San Francisco, indigenous peoples from around the world came together in a small space for a summit of their own.

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