This Week: Strengthening Australia’s environmental protections during drought, Holland’s floating dairy farm (run by robots), New Zealand’s new – and massive – ocean sanctuary and how NAFTA has disrupted Mexican agriculture and foodways.


We Must Strengthen, Not Weaken, Environmental Protections During Drought – or Face Irreversible Loss
The Conversation
Subverting or weakening existing protective conservation management practices and policies will exacerbate the impacts of drought on natural environments and biodiversity.

Push for Women to Consider Career in Dairy Despite Ongoing Drought, Milk Price Pressures
ABC Rural
Women are being encouraged to consider a career on the land despite the industry being in crisis as it continues to struggle through the worst drought in living memory.

Could Green Tea Be Australia’s Next Big Export?
SBS News
Green tea has been part of Japanese culture for centuries. Now, Australian farmers are harvesting the crop to meet Asia’s rising demand.

Building Food Utopias: Amplifying Voices, Dismantling Power
Sydney Environment Institute
As the number of food movement groups promoting different, yet overlapping, food and agriculture solutions continue to increase, it is essential that they include not only the voices of people from diverse backgrounds but their leadership, too.


Malaysia’s Zero Deforestation Pledge: More Greenwashing or a Signal of Real Change?
Earth Island Journal
A new Greenpeace report on clearcutting by palm oil groups underscores how practice persists in tropical forests.

Holland’s ‘Floating Farm’ Showcases Urban Agriculture
Beef Central
A Dutch company is launching the world’s first floating farm to meet demand for local food. The farm, built as an offshore facility in Rotterdam’s Merwehaven harbour will house 40 cows and deliver 800 litres of milk per day collected by robots.

New Zealand’s New Ocean Sanctuary Will Be One of World’s Largest Protected Areas
The Guardian
The Kermadec ocean sanctuary, in the South Pacific and spanning 620,000 sq km, expands an existing reserve surrounding the Kermadec Islands

Evidence of 7,200-Year-Old Cheese-Making Found on the Dalmatian Coast
Science Daily
Analysis of fatty residue in pottery from the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia revealed evidence of fermented dairy products — soft cheeses and yogurts — from about 7,200 years ago.

From Diabetes to Displacement: How NAFTA Disrupted Mexican Agriculture, Food, and Health
The New Food Economy
Alyshia Gálvez, author of Eating NAFTA, took us to La Morada in the Bronx—using the ingredients in a traditional Oaxacan meal to demonstrate how a free trade agreement forever changed Mexican people and cuisine.

Photo courtesy of Future Feeders.

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