This week: Supermarkets to implement #drought levy on milk, the UK launches its People’s Manifesto for Wildlife, McDonald’s workers say #MeToo in unprecedented strike and global #hunger rises for third year in a row.


Drought-Stricken Farmers Challenge Coalition’s Climate Change Stance in TV Ad
The Guardian
The 30-second ad will begin airing on commercial channels this week and will be beamed into politically important suburban areas of Australia’s three largest capital cities during the NRL grand final on 30 September.

Embattled Dairy Farmer’s Social Post Gets Supermarkets to Implement 10-Cent Drought Levy on Milk
ABC Rural
Woolworths has responded to calls from the dairy industry by announcing it will increase the price of its milk by 10 cents a litre as part of a new special drought relief milk range.

Former Activist and Scholars Drive Re-Think on Genetically Modified Crops
ABC News
South Australia has announced an independent review into the state’s moratorium on genetically modified (GM) crops.

Applications For the evokeAG Future Young Leaders Program Are Now Open
The Inverell Times
As part of a commitment to celebrating the diversity of thought, the evokeAG Future Young Leaders Program will identify 10 emerging thought leaders within the agriculture and food industries in Australia and New Zealand.


Chris Packham Launches People’s Manifesto for Wildlife
The Guardian
Replanting hedgerows, including birdboxes on all new-build homes, rewilding uplands and an end to seal culling: these are among demands of the People’s Manifesto for Wildlife, a new initiative aimed at halting the drastic decline in British wildlife.

McDonald’s Workers Say #MeToo in Unprecedented Strike
The New Food Economy
The fast-food company’s business model makes it easy to deflect responsibility for sexual harassment. In protest, women employees across multiple states are walking off the job.

Microplastics Are Getting into Mosquitoes and Contaminating New Food Chains
The Conversation
New research shows that microplastics are getting into tiny flying insects such as mosquitoes. And this means the plastic can eventually contaminate animals in a more unlikely environment: the air.

Connect the Dots: Cerrado Soy Drives Inequality to Provide EU with Chicken

Soy monocultures meet forest long utilized by traditional communities in the Campos Lindos region. Large-scale soy growers have claimed this forest as their “legal reserve,” creating strict limitations on how it can be used by traditional families residing within.

UN Report: Global Hunger Rises for Third Year in a Row
SDG Knowledge Hub
The 2018 ‘State of the World Food Security and Nutrition’ report shows that the world is not on track towards achieving zero hunger. Most other indicators of malnutrition, including childhood wasting, overweight and obesity, are either stagnating or moving in the wrong direction.


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