This week: Investigating ‘fake’ honey allegations, photos depict the preciousness of drought-stricken Murray-Darling, Brisbane’s first local food hub, Africa’s ambitious land restoration commitments and the global rise of the chemical-free food movement.


Fake’ Honey Allegations Subject of ‘High Priority’ ACCC Investigation
ABC Rural
The competition watchdog has launched an urgent investigation into Australia’s honey industry, saying allegations of “fake” honey are “very concerning”.

Gold for Bush Tucker Venture Wowing Our Best Chefs
The West Australian
Innovation with Katanning’s sodic soils has landed a prestigious food award and potential funding grant for WA’s bush tucker, including the edible succulent commonly known as pigface.

 ‘Beautiful and Frightening’: Australia’s Rivers Under Threat – Photo Essay 
The Guardian
Photographic artist Paul Harmon visits the floodplains of the drought-stricken Murray-Darling basin in north-west New South Wales to showcase the preciousness of water and the attempts to harness it.

Support Local: Brisbane’s First Local Food Hub – the Food Connect Shed
Food Connect
Brisbane’s Food Connect has set up a new company, Food Connect Shed Limited, so anyone passionate about community-owned food systems can invest through equity crowdfunding, own shares in the company and enhance Australia’s local food networks.


What Congress Does Next on the Farm Bill Could Cost Farmers and Taxpayers Billions
Civil Eats
Farm bill negotiators are considering taking an axe to the Conservation Stewardship Program, the crown jewel of the federal government’s efforts to encourage farmers to adopt more sustainable practices.

Cumbria’s Farmers Fear Return of Ancient Enemy … Enclosures
The Guardian
Locals and charities in Cumbria, UK, are to urge an inquiry to stop the Ministry of Defense from reviving the historical practice of enclosing common land.

Monitoring the Ambitious Land Restoration Commitments in Africa
Burkina Faso and Tanzania announced at the just-concluded 2018 Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) Africa Conference that they are committed to restoring 5 million and 5.2 million hectares of their degraded forest landscapes, respectively, by 2030.

The Chemical-Free Food Movement Turning Dusty Land Into Fertile Paradise
It’s called permaculture, and advocates say it could feed the world, but there have been few peer-reviewed studies to quantify their achievements.

Five Stories That Will Help You Understand the Workers Behind What You Eat
New Food Economy
To commemorate Labor Day in the US, The New Food Economy is thinking of the workers who produce, pick, process, pack, and plate our food—so many of whom are invisible to eaters. In their honour, they’re sharing their stories.

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