This week: Aussie farmers call for an overhaul of drought policy, Switzerland leads the way in first constitutional food sovereignty vote, Kenyan government champions women-owned agricultural businesses and new Greenpeace USA report examines sustainability and human rights in the seafood industry.


Drought Policy Reform Should Focus On Preparing For Drier Climate, Farmers Say
ABC Rural
The agriculture sector is calling for an overhaul of drought policy that factors in a changing climate and ways to help farmers plan for and manage future dry periods.

ACCC Provides Collective Bargaining Exemption For Agriculture
Farm Online National
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission wants feedback on a proposal that could reduce costs and speed up the approvals process for agricultural groups that want to increase their bargaining power with business entities up the supply chain.

Feral Camels Invade WA Coastal Crops in a Strange Appearance Signalling a Dry Nullarbor
ABC Rural
Grain growers in the south-east coastal district of Western Australia were shocked by the sight of feral camels wandering through their crops.

A New Dimension to Marine Restoration: 3D Printing Coral Reefs
Australian group Reef Design Labs submerged a 3D-printed artificial coral reef earlier this month in the Maldives, with the hope that this advanced engineering method will help coral regeneration efforts.


Environmentally Friendly Farming Practices Used By Nearly One-third of World’s Farms
Science Daily
Nearly one-third of the world’s farms have adopted more environmentally friendly practices while continuing to be productive, according to a global assessment by 17 scientists in five countries.

‘Like Nicotine’: Bees Develop Preference For Pesticides, Study Shows
The Guardian
Bumblebees acquire a taste for pesticide-laced food that can be compared to nicotine addiction in smokers, say scientists.

It Is Time To Declare the Food Sovereignty of the Citizens of Switzerland
Via Campesina
As the result of an impressive campaign led by the agricultural union Uniterre and members of the Alliance for Food Sovereignty, on September 23rd, 2018, Swiss citizens will be able to vote for the inclusion of food sovereignty in the Swiss constitution.

Unleashing the Power of Women Farmers in Africa, and Beyond
TRT World
The government of Kenya recently launched an affirmative action policy to preferentially award 30 per cent of government ministry tenders to women-owned businesses in each sector, including agriculture.

Report: Carting Away the Oceans
Greenpeace USA
Greenpeace USA examines sustainable seafood and human rights abuses in the seafood industry in the tenth edition of a report titled, ‘Carting Away the Oceans.’ The report features a scorecard for major retailers’ sustainability practices in categories of policy, initiatives, labelling and transparency and inventory.


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