This week: Climate change at the heart of Australia’s political problem, agribusiness worried drought could hurt foreign confidence in Australian food exports, the ugly truth of ugly produce and Spain’s pigs now outnumber its human population.


Australia Burns While Politicians Fiddle With the Leadership
The Conversation
With swathes of New South Wales still smouldering and temperature records tumbling all over the world, Malcolm Turnbull is losing his grip on the prime ministership, partly because of his inability to land a very modest emissions policy.

Agricultural Leaders Push Back Against Drought Panic
Financial Review
Agricultural and political leaders are concerned the wave of sympathy and charity for farmers hit by the drought could hurt foreign confidence in Australian food exports.

WA Calls For Funds to Assist Farmers After Live Export Halt
Farm Online National
The Western Australian Government has called on the federal government to provide a financial assistance package of at least $10 million for the WA sheep industry in the wake of the independent regulator’s cancellation of Emanuel Exports’ licence.

Farmer Says Holistic Farming Practices Deliver Content Cattle and High-quality Grass-fed Beef
ABC News
Applying kinesiology practices to cattle farming was not something Debbie McBryde ever imagined she would be doing, but she says adopting holistic farming practices to her cattle operation has delivered good results of high-quality grass-fed beef.


From the Frontline: The Ugly Truth of Ugly Produce
Phat Beets and Food First
VC-backed startups are commodifying need and undermining food banks and CSAs while they’re at it. It’s a market solution disguised as activism.

What Congress Does Next Could Cost Farmers and Taxpayers Billions
Union of Concerned Scientists
The House Committee on Agriculture’s farm bill proposal to eliminate a program that offers tangible hope in difficult times – the Conservation Stewardship Program – is the biggest blow yet.

Fears For Environment in Spain as Pigs Outnumber People
The Guardian
Spain’s pigs outnumber the human population for the first time, according to figures released by the country’s environment ministry, which reveal there are now 50 million pigs, 3.5 -million more than humans.

Wild Cuisines, Risky Futures: Reimagining What We Consider Edible Species
Celebrity chefs are driving ancient foraging and fermentation practices are offering a blueprint for a future beyond the farmers’ market. But the investment in wild foods at such globally renowned restaurants raises thorny questions about the sustainability of the cuisine they are modelling.

The Long Read: The Primal Pleasure and Brutal History of Sugar
How a taste for sweetness, developed for survival, became a stand-in for everything good — and evil — about American culture.


Photo courtesy of Future Feeders

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