Announcing the inaugural Food for Thought and Action Series!

Designed to encourage the exchange of ideas and knowledge, showcase local and international food systems expertise and spark dialogue and action to galvanise the food movement.

Our international guest speaker, Eric Holt-Gimenez from Food First, California, will be joining local food systems leaders to examine a range of pressing food and agricultural issues and provide examples of practical and inspiring solutions to help transform our food system.

Spanning four major cities and three regional areas, with support and participation from a diverse array of food and farmer organisations, join us for a night of discussion and debate at an event near you! All ticketing information available here.


Join Eric Holt-Giménez and local food systems leaders to discuss strategies to transform our food system

6 thoughts on “Announcing the Food for Thought and Action Series

  1. Afternoon Eva

    I’m interested in attending the session at Ceres on 22 Oct but am unsure how to book for this event (there wasn’t any listing of this event on the Ceres website).

    Many thanks


    PS: Thanks you for doing the things which you do – informative and inspiring.



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