This Week: Drought action requires “groundswell of change” say Aussie farmers, the #climatechange proposals that could cause widespread crop failure, post-disaster opportunities for Puerto Rico’s small farms and why we need more women involved in environmental policymaking.


Lack of Political Leadership In the Bush Leaves the Consumer the Only Driver of Change
The Land
A lack of government leadership when it comes to water and vegetation management is restricting farmers’ abilities to survive drought, and for their pastures to recover when rains return, says an organic producer from Inverell.

‘That’s a Big Call’: Littleproud’s Climate Change Comments Draw Jeers on Q&A
Sydney Morning Herald
The agriculture minister says linking the drought affecting much of Australia to man-made climate change is a “big call” and he does not “give a rats if it’s man-made or not”.

Why Young Women Say No To Rural Australia
The Conversation
“The focus of our debate should not solely be on the reasons why young people leave rural communities. We need to also understand why they are not returning to these towns after acquiring suitable experience or education elsewhere.”

Bush Tucker Doughnuts and Curries for Melbourne Diners
ABC Rural
Melbourne-based native foods wholesaler and retailer Outback Chef has partnered with traditional owners in Maningrida to develop a commercial bush tucker enterprise where the food is harvested and processed locally before being sold to southern markets.


The Story of a Recovery: How Hurricane Maria Boosted Small Farms
The Guardian
Puerto Rico’s small farms – aided by outside groups such as #chefsforpuertorico – have seized a post-disaster opportunity to challenge the island’s import-reliant food economy.

Why We Need More Women Involved in Creating Environmental Policy
According to researchers’ groundbreaking systematic analysis of gender differences in views across a range of political areas, female economists are more likely to support environmental policies than their male counterparts.

Reflecting Sun’s Rays Would Cause Crops to Fail, Scientists Warn
The Guardian
Proposals to combat climate change by reflecting the sun’s rays back into space would cause widespread crop failure, cancelling out any benefits to farming from the reduction in warming, according to new research.

‘I can’t get out’: Farmers Feel the Pressure as Ecuador’s Palm Oil Sector Grows
A volatile market and a deadly disease are cutting deep into the pockets of oil palm farmers in La Concordia, Ecuador,  who, because of oil palm’s long harvest cycle, worry they’re locked into a doomed investment.

Podcast: Emergency Water Bank for Drought-hit Farmers
Inside Farming
An emergency service has been launched to help drought-hit UK farmers who urgently need water for their crops and livestock. This podcast examines how the scheme works – and how it might help ease the pressure on UK farmers suffering from lack of rain.

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