This Week: The dos and don’ts of helping Australian farmers facing drought, India’s budding “Afforestation” industry, understanding the food-water-energy nexus and the emerging queer food movement.


Drought relief: The dos and don’ts of helping Australian farmers and rural communities with donations
ABC Rural
As the severity of the drought starts to hit home with the wider Australian population, more people are asking, “What can I do to help?”

Coles backflips on banning free plastic bags
The Guardian
Coles has reversed its decision to stop providing free plastic bags to shoppers, saying some need more time to adjust to the switch to buying reusable bags.

The Great Barrier Reef is losing its ability to bounce back from disturbances
A team of researchers led by scientists at the University of Queensland found that, during 1992 to 2010, the coral recovery rate of reefs in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park declined by an average of 84 percent.

Western Australia Holds Hackathon to Seek New Digital Solutions for Agricultural Sector
OpenGov Asia
An agriculture hackathon (AgHack) was held in Perth to seek new digital solutions to drive growth and keep the state’s agricultural sector globally competitive.


Ravenous for Meat, China Faces a Climate Quandary
On the whole, China consumes 28 percent of the world’s meat — twice as much as the United States. And that figure is only set to increase.

The Challenges of Meeting Future Food, Energy, and Water Needs
Earth & Space Science News
Paolo D’Odorico from the University of California explores the different components of the food‐energy‐water nexus and identifies potential strategies for a more sustainable and secure future.

The Budding Industry Of Growing Personal Forests
Termed “Afforestation”, the practice of organisations and private citizens growing their own forests is taking root around the world.

FAO Report Projects Climate Change Impacts on World’s Fisheries
SDG Knowledge Hub
Last month, the FAO launched a comprehensive report on fisheries and climate change combining a wide range of scientific analyses and modeling on how climate change will affect the world’s oceans, lakes and rivers.

Longform: Queer Food Is Hiding in Plain Sight
Regardless of what’s on the table, many LGBTQ chefs and restaurateurs understand hospitality is political, and emphasize an “all are welcome” ethos.


Photo Courtesy of Future Feeders

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