This Week: Australia’s ‘Closed-loop’ growers, how Trump’s farmer-aid package will hurt global producers, Colombia pledges to produce deforestation-free chocolate and the EU court declares gene-edited plants and animals are GM foods.


Farmers Joining Forces With Cafes to Put the Waste From Your Brunch to Work
ABC News
‘Closed loop’ growers are part of a movement working to repurpose organic ‘yields’ from the kitchen – partnering with cafes and restaurants to use their waste to make rich, healthy compost to grow their next harvest.

Trump’s Farmer-aid Package Will Hurt Australian Producers, Says Farmers Federation
ABC News
In the latest move in the US-China trade war, the American government has announced it will spend $12 billion dollars to help farmers cope with huge tariff increases, but Australia’s national farm lobby group says it will hurt farmers in this country.

The 2016 Great Barrier Reef Heatwave Caused Widespread Changes to Fish Populations
The Conversation
The 2016 marine heatwave that killed vast amounts of coral on the Great Barrier Reef also caused significant changes to fishes and other animals that live on these reefs.

Letter to the Editor: As Productive Land Shrinks in Area, Wasteful Lifestyle Farmers May Need a Push
Weekly Times
As the population of Victoria rapidly increases, the demand for food must increase. But there is no evidence that local, state or federal governments are working to increase the area of land available for producing food and fibre.


Gene-edited Plants and Animals are GM Foods, EU Court Rules
The Guardian
Plants and animals created by innovative gene-editing technology have been genetically modified and should be regulated as such, the EU’s top court has ruled.

Immigrant Farmers Help Grow Organic Ag in Wisconsin and Beyond
Civil Eats
According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Wisconsin’s Hmong population of around 47,000 is the third-highest in the country, and Hmong producers are significant contributors to the area’s farmers’ markets and committed to chemical-free farming.

Colombia Pledges to Produce Deforestation-free Chocolate
Colombia has signed up to the Cocoa and Forests Initiative, an effort that works toward achieving deforestation-free cocoa production. By doing so, it became the first Latin American country and the third country in the world, after Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana, to make this commitment.

Why 2017 Was the Deadliest Year for Environmental Activists
National Geographic
The lives of countless peaceful protesters are jeopardized each year in land and environmental disputes, and a new study says more than 200 people were killed last year. That makes 2017 the deadliest year yet.

Research: New Scholarly Focus Needed to Help Solve Global Food Crisis
Science Daily
Current approaches to finding global food system solutions through applied academic research are too narrow and treat the food system as a collection of isolated components within established disciplines such as agronomy, sociology or nutritional science.

Photo courtesy of Future Feeders

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