This week: The Grow Free movement sprouts up in Perth, Kimberley traditional owners form new river council, an in-depth look at Australia’s seasonal workers, Guatemala’s Poultry-Centered Regenerative system design and the rise of automated farming in China and across the globe.


Grow Free movement springs up around Perth
ABC News
Grow Free: a combination of growing your own food, working together with the community and sharing what you have got – with no expectation of getting something in return.

New river council will give traditional owners in the Kimberley a unified voice
The Conversation
The Martuwarra Fitzroy River Council could set a precedent in WA for collaborative planning between government, industry and the native title holders of an entire river catchment.

Live export company’s decision to halt northern summer trade descends into political slanging match
ABC Rural
Farmers are reeling over the decision of one of the country’s largest live sheep exporters to halt their northern trade over the summer months.

In-Depth: Who are Australia’s seasonal workers?
SBS News
Fruit picking or working on a farm can be popular options for temporary migrants in Australia, but questions have been raised about the health and safety of workers.


Algae-forestry, bioenergy mix could help make CO2 vanish from thin air
Science Daily
A new mélange of algae, eucalyptus and bioenergy might be able to help power and provide food protein to large regions of the world — and simultaneously remove carbon dioxide from Earth’s atmosphere.

In Peru, coca puts one of the world’s best coffee crops at risk
Since 2012, illegal coca crops have taken over certain areas that once produced one of the world’s best coffee beans.

Regeneration Guatemala Seeks to Transform Rural Guatemala Agriculture
Regeneration International
Regeneration Guatemala’s mission is to rebuild the deteriorated social, ecological and economic systems in Guatemala through regenerative agriculture and land-use practices, with a focus on Poultry-Centered Regenerative system design.

The Robot Farm Is Here
What was once the world’s most labour-intensive profession may be soon run by smartphones. And that could change agriculture as profoundly as mechanisation did last century.

Report: More people, more food, worse water? A global review of water pollution from agriculture
Article: Relief Web Report: UN Food and Agriculture Organisation
Water pollution from unsustainable agricultural practices poses a serious risk to human health and the planet’s ecosystems, a problem often underestimated by policymakers and farmers alike, cautions a new report.


Photo courtesy of Future Feeders


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