This week: The success of women indigenous rangers, $50m upgrade for ag research stations across NSW, African agroecology case studies and using Ramadan to encourage inter-religious communication.


$50m upgrade for DPI ag research stations
The Land
The Department of Primary Industries usually gets about $5m each year for capital works across all its research stations. That has been jacked up to $50m as part of a new focus on ag science.

Seed to harvest in 28 days: The vertical antidote to ‘get big or get out’
ABC News
Two regional Queenslanders behind a hi-tech invention for growing green produce in industrial settings are taking their vertical farm system to the world.

What will the Chain of Responsibility laws really mean for farmers?
Stock and Land
The NHVR’s new Chain of Responsibility regulations are set to solidify safety obligations across the supply chain from October 2018 with differential impacts on farmers and farm businesses.

Report: Strong Women on Country
Country Needs People
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women play a vital role in protecting nature and cultural heritage for the benefit of every Australian. This report details the achievements of women Indigenous rangers and on Indigenous Protected Areas across Australia.


French farmers block refineries, fuel depots over palm oil imports
French farmers have blocked access to oil depots and refineries with tonnes of onions, wood and rubble, as part of a three-day protest over plans to allow Total (TOTF.PA) to use imported palm oil at a biofuel plant.

Muslims serve food and friendship in Ramadan to beat far right
In a bid to tackle Islamophobia, Brunswick’s Muslim community invites curious visitors to dinner during holy month to encourage inter-religious communication.

Firefighting goats: Portugal enlists help of surprising ally to prevent deadly bushfires
ABC News
The government of Portugal is hiring herds of goats as part of its race against the clock to guard rugged parts of the Iberian nation against a repeat of last year’s catastrophic bushfires.

Transforming food and agriculture to achieve the SDGs: 20 interconnected actions to guide decision-makers
UN Food and Agriculture Organisation
New FAO tool lists 20 inter-connected actions designed to show the impact sustainable agriculture can have on tackling the world’s greatest challenges.

Resource: Agroecology Case Studies
The Oakland Institute
These thirty-three case studies demonstrate the tremendous success of agroecological agriculture across the African continent. Find facts and figures on how an agricultural transformation respectful of farmers and the environment can yield immense economic, social, and food security benefits while also fighting climate change and restoring ecosystems.

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