This week: Aussie people power wins back local milk contract, beef farmers go high-tech to fight food-fraud, France’s Food Bacteria Banks preserving beneficial microorganisms and how corporations perceive their role in the GMO debate.


People power wins back Norco milk contract
Farm Online National
People power has swayed the NSW government to reinstate Australian-owned Norco as its primary milk and dairy supplier to hospitals on the northern and mid-north coasts.

Australian farmers told to get off social media to reduce anxiety
ABC Rural
Too much time spent on social media is increasing anxiety and stress for some primary producers, and they are being warned to reduce their online interactions and instead focus on what is within their control.

Beef brands turn high-tech to fight food fraud thieves
Country Life, Queensland
New nano-scale ‘fingerprint’ technology helps overseas buyers confirm a product’s Australian authenticity and supply chain history.

Live-ex sheep reforms fall short AVA says
Farm Online National
The peak body for veterinarians, the Australian Veterinary Association says the Government’s response to the McCarthy Review falls short, failing to guarantee stronger animal welfare provisions on live sheep voyages to the Middle East.


The US Farm Bill Could Be A Huge Blow To Animals
Huffington Post
As Congress fights over the latest farm bill, one proposal has animal welfare and food safety advocates ― and even some farm industry groups ― sounding the alarm.

Welcome to the Food Bacteria Bank
The Conversation, France
Although many microorganisms, commonly known as microbes, are known to be pathogenic, environmental bacteria can be used for “bioremediation” – techniques to treat polluted soils or to seed digesters.

Income Inequality Threatens Food Security in India
Future Directions International

According to a new research paper, it is the rise in income inequality, rather than the unavailability of food, which is the main driver of food insecurity in India.

How do corporations perceive their role in the GMO debate?
Part of a five-part series on the polarised GMO debate and their role in global food security, Devex speaks to the large multinational corporations – Bayer, Syngenta and Monsanto – about their work in low-income countries and their motives.

In-depth analysis: Threats Loom Over Global Food Trade
The ability of global trade to feed the world is one of the great success stories of the past generation. But the planet is at rising risk of choking on its good fortune.

Photo courtesy of Future Feeders


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