This week: Can Australia’s live export industry be made humane? What is the true cost of eating meat? EU bans insecticide to protect pollinators and leveraging public policies for food sovereignty.


Victorian Farmers Federation to renew contract for cheap milk with supermarket Coles
ABC Rural
The contract for the controversial Coles-branded ‘Farmers Fund’ milk is up for renewal in September and despite anger from their members, the Victorian Farmers Federation will look to renew the deal.

Local agriculture to be given a voice through employment of new council officer
Echo NetDaily
Byron Shire Council is set to employ an officer to represent the local agriculture industry, following months of lobbying by local farmers and industry representatives.

Can meat exports be made humane? Here are three key strategies
The Conversation
Live sheep and cattle exports are contingent on the cultural preferences and supply-chain limitations of key overseas markets. So what do we need to do to humanely sell Australia’s meat to the world?

From Crop to Cup: The Myth of Direct Trade
What does the life cycle of your morning brew really look like? Broadsheet has charted the journey of a single coffee all the way from the growing fields of Bolivia to a coffee shop in Adelaide.


What is the true cost of eating meat?
The Guardian
As concerns over the huge impact on the environment, human health and animal welfare grow, what future is there for the meat industry, asks The Guardian reporter Bibi van der Zee.

EU member states support near-total neonicotinoids ban
Member states have voted in favour of an almost complete ban on the use of neonicotinoid insecticides across the EU, with opposition from manufacturers and some farming groups.

Biodynamic wines: why these drops from Italy and Austria defy the sceptics
Financial Review
By focusing on a holistic approach to the health of the soil and the plants, winegrowers argue that the biodynamic farming techniques helps their wine express a clearer taste of terroir in the glass.

Think Piece: Public Policies for Food Sovereignty
FIAN International
What is the political significance of leveraging public policies in support of food sovereignty? FIAN International explore how public policies play a determinant role in shaping the future of agricultural and food systems.

Video: Egypt’s Women Street Sellers
Aljazeera World
Follow the stories of five Egyptian village women supporting their entire families by selling local produce in Egypt’s street markets. A film by Hossam Elouan.

Photo courtesy of Future Feeders.


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