This week: Saving Australia’s remaining farmland, peasant and small-scale farmers’ declaration on Agroecology, the latest FAO report and can dirt save the Earth?


New business model invites customers to share risks and rewards of farming
ABC Rural

The CSA Australia and NZ Network has just launched with 24 farms registered so far, but founder Sally Ruljancich said more were joining every week.

WA pastoralists get all-clear to farm carbon
The West Australian

The potential for carbon farming in WA’s rangelands has moved a step closer to reality after the State Government cleared the way for pastoralists to generate income from the practice on crown land.

Urban farming campuses to bring food closer to consumers
The Weekly Times

A first-generation Melbourne farmer wants to share his knowledge on urban farming by building a university-like campus in every major Australian city.

How to save Australia’s remaining farmland as demand for housing continues
ABC Rural

A suite of policies aimed at saving some of the good farmland close to the city, from protecting the right to farm to establishing green belts is desperately needed to protect Australia’s remaining farmland.


Can Dirt Save the Earth?
The New York Times

Agriculture could pull carbon out of the air and into the soil — but it would mean a whole new way of thinking about how to tend the land

Row erupts between Italy’s Parma ham makers and activists over pig welfare
The Guardian

Row erupts between Italy’s Parma ham makers and activists over pig welfare Parma ham industry accuses animal welfare groups of a smear campaign following the release of ‘grim’ images of pigs kept in filthy and barren conditions

La Via Campesina Makes Empowering Declaration at Agroecology Symposium
La Via Campesina

“Agroecology cannot be just another tool for the expansion of the industrial agrifood production model.,” argues peasant and small-scale food producer social movement, La Via Campesina.

Farmers (and Eaters) Caught in U.S.-China Trade War
Civil Eats

Already in the midst of a farm economy downturn, China’s proposed tariffs place America’s farmers and rural farming communities in a precarious position.

Latest FAO Report: Managing heat in agricultural work
U.N. Food and Agriculture Organisation

The latest FAO report reviews the implications of heat stress in working environments in agriculture, how it affects the human body, the risks it poses to human health, how it affects labour productivity and how it can be effectively managed.


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