This week: Agroecology takes the world stage, forced chemical sprays threaten Australian organic agriculture, Brazil protects a quarter of its oceans and understanding ecological grief.


Japan partially bans Australian barley over excessive pesticide levels
ABC Radio

The Japanese Government has banned some imports of Australian barley after pesticides five times the normal limit were detected.

Organics industry shocked by official plan for forced chemical sprays
Sydney Morning Herald

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has proposed compulsory fungicide treatment on a host of vegetable seeds entering Australia, which could cause the range of organic or pesticide-free vegetables grown in Australia to fall dramatically.

Rockmelon green light angers farmers after listeria outbreak
The West Australian

Rockmelon growers are outraged by a regulator’s approval for the NSW farm at the centre of the deadly listeria problem to start selling its fruit again this week, without explaining the cause of the outbreak.

Norco’s secret to farm co-op success and other business truths
Farm Online

If you don’t take the co-operative ethos where farmers are the most important part of the business, you don’t survive, says Greg McNamara of Norco Co-operative.


UN: Agroecology Critical to Future of Humanity and Planet

The United Nations declares that growing food in an agro-ecological way is critical to the future of humanity, the planet, and guaranteeing healthy and adequate food for all.

Brazil creates four massive marine protected areas

Brazil will soon have four vast marine protected areas protecting about 24.5 percent of the country’s waters, exceeding the international target of protecting at least 10 percent of marine areas by 2020.

Op-Ed: How Organic Wine Finally Caught On
Harvard Business Review

Two Harvard researchers set out to understand how and why the category of organic wine failed to emerge, even as demand for other organic goods soared.

Hope and mourning in the Anthropocene: Understanding ecological grief
The Conversation, Canada

Research reveals a surprising degree of commonality between Inuit and family farming communities as they struggle to cope, both emotionally and psychologically, with mounting ecological losses and the prospect of an uncertain future.

2018 Global Food Policy Report

The International Food Policy Research Institute’s 2018 Global Food Policy Report is the latest in an annual analysis of developments in food policy around the world.


Photo courtesy of Future Feeders

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