This Week: Victoria’s Rural Woman of the Year, farming the sun’s rays, the need for nature‐based water solutions and the origins of agriculture.


Farming the sun’s rays: Should Australia follow India’s lead and create solar parks?
ABC Rural

Australia is a huge landmass with an incredible amount of sunshine, so should our farmers be able to farm the sun’s rays?

Victoria’s Rural Woman of the Year named as Melissa Connors
The Weekly Times

Melissa Connors, Victorian winner of the 2018 AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award, founded “This farm needs a farmer” program, which links experienced, retired farmers with tree-changers in a bid to share knowledge and connect communities.

Indigenous group ‘offered $10m in water’ to help pass Murray-Darling plan
The Guardian

The government offered an Indigenous group $10m in water entitlements as it tried to get its plan to reduce water for environmental flows in the Murray-Darling basin through the Senate, a senior Indigenous leader has said.

Australia’s draft ‘Strategy for nature’ doesn’t cut it. Here are nine ways to fix it
The Conversation

Australia’s peak professional ecological body, the Ecological Society of Australia (ESA), are calling for a bolder, science-based vision for nature conservation in Australia.


UK farmers to be given first ever targets on soil health
The Guardian

A new agricultural bill is mandating, for the first time, measures and targets to preserve and improve the health of the UK’s soils.

USDA withdraws animal welfare regulation for organic farms, sparking backlash
ABC News

The Agriculture Department has withdrawn regulations that would have required higher production standards for organic livestock and poultry triggering a backlash from farmers, animal rights groups and the organic community.

Agriculture initiated by indigenous peoples, not Fertile Crescent migration
Science Daily

Small-scale agricultural farming was first initiated by indigenous communities living on Turkey’s Anatolian plateau, and not introduced by migrant farmers as previously thought, according to new research.

Bayer Faces U.S. Hurdles for Monsanto Antitrust Nod

Bayer AG’s plan to win antitrust approval for its takeover of Monsanto Co. hasn’t satisfied U.S. officials who are worried the merger could hurt competition.

Hot Off the Press: World Water Development Report 2018
UN Water

The United Nations World Water Development Report, Nature-based Solutions for Water, demonstrates how nature‐based solutions offer a vital means of moving beyond business‐as‐usual to address many of the world’s water challenges.


Photo courtesy of Future Feeders

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