This week: Urban sprawl eating Sydney’s farmland, Australia’s first edible hemp crop, China’s landmark sustainable ag project and Regenerative Organic Certification.



Victoria announces AU$15m agtech fund for on-farm IoT

The Victorian government has announced a AU$15 million investment to enhance agricultural technology for the state’s farmers, with trials beginning in Maffra, Birchip, Serpentine and Tatura from July 1.

Sydney’s housing demand is swallowing farms on the harbour city’s fringes
ABC News

Relentless urban sprawl in the harbour city is swallowing farms on the city’s fringes so quickly produce from the Sydney Basin will be almost non-existent within 15 years.

First legal crop of edible hemp goes to harvest
Sydney Morning Herald

While hemp has been grown legally in Tasmania since the 1990s, until now, a ban on human consumption has stifled the industry’s growth.

Dairy pen pals get stamp of approval

Dairy Australia’s Student Pen Pal program will see children across Australia writing letters to each other to help connect country and city kids and paint a more accurate picture of life on a dairy farm.


What Does the New Regenerative Organic Certification Mean for the Future of Good Food?
Civil Eats

Several new labels introduced last week seek to move beyond USDA organic. Can they shore up sustainable practices, or will they sow consumer confusion?

Millions of Chinese farmers reap benefits of huge crop experiment

A landmark project to make agriculture more sustainable in China has significantly cut fertilizer use while boosting crop yields for 21 million smallholder farmers.

The Quinoa Boom Goes Bust in the Andes

Though the complex dynamics the boom set in motion have received ample and deserved media attention, the inevitable bust that followed has gone unnoticed in international media, and brings up important questions about commercializing indigenous foods.

Thousands of Indian farmers end protest after talks with government
BBC News

Farmers in the western Indian state of Maharashtra have ended their protest over loan waivers, prices and land rights after meeting state ministers.

Bug Burgers, Algae Buns And Herb Ice Cream: Ikea’s Fast Food Of The Future

Ikea’s innovative Space10 lab, based in Copenhagen, outlined the kind of food it thinks we’ll be eating someday.


Photo courtesy of Future Feeders

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