This week: the strength of supermarket power, native superfoods, the fight over food stamps and floating rice.


Aussie Farmers Direct falls into administration, to close immediately
Sydney Morning Herald

Online grocery delivery company Aussie Farmers Direct went into administration and ceased trading on Monday blaming the competitive might of Coles and Woolworths.

CANBERRA REPORT: Sobering reality of climate policy inaction
The Advertiser

Government inaction is adding to the significant environmental issues the Australian agriculture sector now faces.

NT farmers ferry 10 tonnes of fruit and veggies across flooded, croc-infested river
ABC Rural

The Arnhem Highway was closed, properties were flooded, crocodiles were lurking in places they normally do not go, but that did not stop local farmers from getting their produce to market.

Native superfood is 8 times as nutritious as potato and tastes as sweet as coconut

One member of the Australian yam family, the yam daisy, was once a major food source for native Australians and is now being reintroduced into the culinary mainstream.


Food fight is simmering over SNAP in Washington

U.S. Congress is preparing to battle over the future of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) program, also known as food stamps, when it considers a new farm bill later this month

Why Land Seizure Is Back in News in South Africa

The ruling African National Congress has vowed to step up wealth distribution and promised “radical economic transformation,” including constitutional changes to allow the government to expropriate land without paying for it.

From foe to friend: how carnivores could help farmers
The Conversation

A new study shows showed that far from causing problems for farmers, carnivores could actually be beneficial by controlling rodent pests.

How to prevent a Brexit food crisis? Dig deep for fair pay on farms
The Guardian

All the value in agriculture is being sucked up by supermarkets. But some small producers have shown there is a better way, by feeding urban communities locally in a way that is fair and sustainable.

Floating rice: The climate-resilient alternative for Cambodia’s food production
ChannelNews Asia

Grown in floods and thriving without pesticides, floating rice offers Cambodia a sustainable alternative for food production amid threats from climate change.

Photo courtesy of Future Feeders


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